Chunky New York Cookies Delivered Nationwide

Chunky New York Cookies Delivered Nationwide

Upgrade your coffee break or spoil your friends with a Chummys Bakery cookie delivery. We’ll send our irresistibly chunky New York cookies straight to your door or loved one. Signed, sealed and delicious, our cookies are the best kind of package to receive.

Every cookie is crammed with flavour and baked to perfection. Moist and chewy, soft and crumbly, our cookies are melt-in-your-mouth scrumptious. They make a tasty birthday gift, care package, staff morale-booster or present to yourself (because why not?). Choose your fave flavours and let the gooey goodness come to you. Your tastebuds deserve it.

Get your hands on our bestselling brownies & chunky New York cookies all in one box.

Fresh Cookie Delivery

At Chummys Bakery, we like to spread the cookie love far and wide. We deliver our yummy New York cookies nationwide, straight to your door, your bestie, your workplace or your granny. Flavourful, craveable and bursting to be unboxed, our freshly-baked cookies brighten anyone’s day. Go on, give in to temptation.

Everyone loves a surprise, especially a cookie-shaped one. Our gooey, moreish cookies make great gifts for friends, family, colleagues or your crush. If you need a birthday gift for a foodie, a care package for a loved one, or a motivational bribe for an employee – think postal cookies from Chummys Bakery.

If you’re all out of energy and emergency biscuits, or you fancy a self-care treat – order cookie delivery for the date of your choice. Basically, if you have an occasion, a conundrum or a craving, our cookies are the answer.

How Does Cookie Delivery Work?

It’s easy! Just choose your flavours and desired quantity (a box of 6 or 12 cookies). If you’re generously sending cookies to someone else, you can add a thoughtful gift message to your order. Choose a one-time purchase or why not subscribe to save a tasty 15%? At checkout, you can pick your own delivery date (here’s our Shipping Policy) to fit your schedule or arrive on a special day. Then, simply complete your purchase using one of our trusted payment partners.

On your chosen delivery date, your cookies will arrive beautifully packaged in a Chummys Bakery branded box. We use biodegradable packaging, so you can chomp with a clean conscience. Inside the box, organic shredded paper prevents those precious cookies from crumbling. Greaseproof paper helps keep your cookies fresh from oven to unboxing. We include a nutritional card that tells you which flavours are in the box, and the whole caboodle is tied up with string. So tempting!

How About Those Flavours!

We know, right? Chunky, gooey, rich and indulgent… our New York cookies are simply divine. Cookie delivery spoils you with a selection of unique flavours sent to your door, from Nutella to Biscoff to various chocolatey delights. Choose your all-time faves or explore new and exciting taste sensations. Enjoy with a cuppa or a fancy latte. Share them with your team or hide under your desk and scoff the lot.

How Do I Store My Delivered Cookies?

We recommend eating your cookies as soon as they arrive – preferably before your dad/housemate/colleague finds them. If “little and often” is how you do treats, then your cookies will keep for longer in an airtight container or a cool, dry place. They’ll stay fresh for up to 2 weeks, but we doubt you can resist them for that long.

If you still have questions about our postal cookies – or are wondering if it’s wrong to lick cookie crumbs off your keyboard – get in touch! We’re here to help with your queries.

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