The Art of Stress Free-Holiday Hosting: Tips for A Relaxing Holiday Celebration

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The holiday season brings the joy of gatherings, but the responsibilities of hosting can sometimes feel like a daunting task. From planning menus to setting up the perfect atmosphere, it can feel like a lot of pressure to create a flawless event. Then, before you know it, the stresses of preparing have grown so overwhelming that you’re unable to even enjoy the fruits of your labour. The good news is that stress-free holiday hosting is possible, and it’s easier to obtain than you might think. Stress-free hosting isn’t about achieving perfection in every aspect, but rather about taking simple steps ahead of time that will make a difference in how you plan your gatherings and how you get to enjoy them. 

Embracing the beauty of imperfection, planning ahead, and giving yourself grace are the keys to a successful celebration. Here at Chummys Bakery, we understand that in the midst of all the hustle and bustle, you might just need a helping hand. As a result, we offer an array of delightful baked goods that can be delivered right to your door, such as our festive Christmas Brownie Box. Let our sweet treats complement your hosting efforts and allow you to savour the festivities while you and your guests indulge in scrumptious, high-quality, freshly baked goods. 

In addition, we’ve put together seven of the best ways to ensure your holiday hosting is stress-free and fun all season long. 

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Plan ahead

Planning ahead is paramount to making your holiday gatherings go a lot more smoothly. How far ahead you should plan can be determined by the types of get-togethers you’re hosting and how big they will be. A couple of preplanning weeks is usually sufficient for a small gathering, but if you’re hosting a large gathering, it’s better to give yourself more time than you might think.

Planning ahead allows you to create a timeline for everything from preparing food to decorating your home, and also to be able to handle changes if something unexpected arises at the last minute. It will make the entire gathering more enjoyable for you by freeing you from a long list of last-minute to-dos. 

Don’t do it all yourself

It’s tempting to want to jump right into plans by yourself and put together something special for your loved ones. However, if planning alone comes at the expense of your enjoyment, it may be a better idea to assemble a small group of allies for delegating your tasks. 

Additionally, just because you’ve decided to host a gathering doesn’t mean you’ll find all the aspects of planning it appealing. This is when it’s best to focus on your own strengths and interests. Friends and family members are often excited to help out, especially when they aren’t organising a gathering entirely by themselves. Having a group to rely on will allow everyone’s strengths to shine and make for a stress-free celebration that you can all be proud of. 

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Keep the Menu Simple

Homemade food isn’t a requirement of any gathering. Unless you’re specifically having a dinner party, it’s best to keep your menu simple, as you have lots of other areas to focus on. Guests will enjoy the food even if you’ve outsourced it and opted for a local catering option. Just keep in mind to utilise specialty shops for the best quality of each item. This might require a few stops but ultimately will produce a better spread that still saves you time when compared to cooking.

We understand that your time is precious so we make it extra easy for you to fully stock your dessert table with our postal brownie and blondie delivery.

Additionally, if you are hosting a dinner party, you might consider keeping the other elements, besides the food, simple. For example, you can choose classic but minimalist decor and spend more time focused on the menu. Overall, it’s best to consider what your vision is for the gathering and ways in which you can let the areas you want to really shine have the most attention. 

Create a cosy space

Creating a comfortable environment will create a more relaxing atmosphere for you and your guests. Focusing on cosy lighting and seasonal centrepieces will help tie your decorations together with little effort. Consider where you want the guests to mingle and ways that you can support the flow between rooms. If you’re hosting a cookie decorating party, for example, focus your attention more on the kitchen and seating. Whereas, if your goal is to gather in front of the fire for games or movies as the main event, then you can put up twinkle lights and add floor pillows to make the area more inviting.

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Embrace Imperfection

Remember that your guests are arriving to see you and to spend quality time together. Small things that didn’t go perfectly in your eyes may go completely unnoticed by your visitors. Not quite everything has to be perfect for it to be enjoyable. If you have a patient and positive attitude, you’ll be able to think quickly when things don’t go according to plan, and deal with issues as they arise. 

Additionally, having a solid backup plan for more important details can also help you avoid additional upset. You can even delegate the planning or implementation of the backup to another guest, so you don’t even have to worry about fixing what might go wrong.

Keep activities uncomplicated and fun

Overplanning a party will ultimately cause you additional stress, so you’ll want to consider your guests and their personalities. Do they like lively games, or would they have more fun together enjoying cookies and listening to music? If you’re hosting your family, think about how they might prefer extra time to chat and catch up without too much structure. 

Celebrations that include a variety of ages also have different needs. You may find yourself setting up multiple areas so that guests can move around and engage in activities as they choose, rather than the entire group feeling compelled to do the same thing at once. 

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Practice Gratitude

During the busyness of the season, responding to situations with a grateful heart can be a helpful practice. Taking a moment to reflect on your appreciation for spending time with loved ones and having the ability to come together can help keep everything in perspective. When plans don’t work out or family members can’t be present to celebrate together, it can certainly be frustrating, but a grateful attitude will help you move through those difficult moments with patience and peace. 

So in your whirlwind of holiday hosting, remember to prioritise what brings you joy. Embrace imperfections and relish the moments spent with loved ones. Let these tips inspire you and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Chummys Bakery is here to support your efforts and allow you to savour the moment while not feeling overburdened by your responsibilities.

Cheers to a season filled with warmth, cherished moments and stress-free holiday bliss!

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