Spreading Positivity- Small Acts that Make a Big Difference in 2024

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Spreading positivity isn’t just a nice thing to do, it can foster a more joyful and empathetic world. Additionally, it can benefit yourself and all the people you interact with. A simple gesture or kind word can truly turn someone's day around. And it doesn’t just stop there, your words and actions can create a ripple effect that extends further than you may ever realise.

Stepping into a brand new year offers us a chance to redefine our priorities. While self-work is always important, we sometimes overlook focusing on causes beyond our individual journeys. Spreading positivity in the new year can support others in their goals, shape your mindset to show gratitude, and uplift those around you. 

Chummys Bakery loves to spread joy and sweetness too. Whether surprising a loved one, or a hard-working community member, a thoughtful gift box of cookies can transform an ordinary day into an incredible one. But our delicious treats aren’t the only way to spread positivity in 2024. We’ve compiled seven practical ways to make positive changes, show your appreciation, and bring smiles to those around you.A box of variety cookies sits on a table with the top open. Cookies peek out of the box.

1. Send a Sweet Treat 

Sending a sweet treat to a loved one is a wonderful way to spread positivity. Often, birthdays and holidays mark the times when we receive gifts. But imagine opening your door to find a box of delightful postal blondies just because someone was thinking of you. It’s a simple gesture that can truly brighten someone's day. 

Your thoughtfulness can make a big difference. For example, If you know someone who recently had a baby perhaps the caregivers would enjoy a special gift too. Frequently the baby becomes the sole focus but the parents will likely appreciate a box of gooey fresh cookies to enjoy during those sleepless nights. 

2. Gifts For Community Workers  

Gifting a box of sweet treats to first responders, teachers, or other community workers can be a heartfelt way to express gratitude. While homemade treats can be very thoughtful, not everyone is comfortable eating home-baked goods from those they don’t know personally. Choosing freshly made postal brownies can be an alternative they’re more comfortable with and is an excellent way to spread positivity to these dedicated community members. 

For those with school-age children, surprising teachers with a gift box is a meaningful way to let them know they are appreciated. It avoids the repetition of generic gifts and provides a decadent indulgence they can enjoy during their well deserved moments of relaxation.

3. Give Back To Your Community 

Volunteering in your community can be a fulfilling way to spread positivity in 2024. Choose a cause that moves you and look for ways in which you can contribute. Volunteering is a time commitment but if you find yourself unable to lend much, look for less frequent opportunities or unique ones where you can use your personal skills such as cooking or knitting.

Making food packs to hand out to those in need can be something done on your own schedule while still being impactful. Some hospitals take donations for knitted caps for babies and there are other options such as cleaning up local parks and neighbourhoods. Whether you choose an organisation to work with or brainstorm service projects you can do independently, it’s an amazing way to extend to others and make a difference.

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4. Spread Positivity Online 

Engaging with online comments can often reveal a lot of negativity, even on the most uplifting content. Aside from not participating in these threads, sharing positive experiences within your personal network can serve as a much-needed beacon of positivity in their feeds. Posting photos of breathtaking sunsets, silly occurrences that made you laugh, and offering encouraging words can brighten someone’s day. 

Beyond your personal circle, showing support for your favourite businesses by leaving positive reviews can make a significant difference. If there are products or services you love, sharing your appreciation can not only uplift shop owners but also support their business which is a win-win situation for everyone. 

5. Self-Affirmations 

As you set out to make an impact in the new year, don’t forget to give yourself a daily dose of positivity. A positive mindset and self-affirmations can allow you to tackle obstacles that come your way. Take a moment to think about your personal and professional goals and celebrate the progress you’ve made. Believe in yourself and remember, persistence is part of growth.

Positive thinking will also allow you to see the bright side and help others in all the ways you wish to. You’ll be able to problem solve and see the good in difficult situations which can be a very valuable skill.

6. Speak Positively at Work 

Being positive and uplifting in the workplace will often help everything run more smoothly. It doesn’t mean you have to interject when difficult situations arise, but limiting the grumbling and having a helpful attitude can support those around you. Being a genuine person who listens and engages in positive conversations rather than complaining can help set the tone and avoid negativity. 

Aside from your attitude each day, bringing in small tokens of appreciation for your team can also lift the mood. It’s a simple gesture but bringing in a catering box of coffee or tea from your favourite shop or a variety box of Chummys bronuts will certainly set the day off in the right direction and make those around you feel appreciated. We even offer recurring corporate subscription boxes so work anniversaries, birthdays, and yearly staff celebrations can always be stocked with your favourite desserts.

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7. Encourage Others to Take Part

Boosting positivity becomes even more rewarding when it’s a shared experience. Inspiring those around you to embrace the journey of cheer can magnify its reach. Making a kindness calendar to give everyone ideas, volunteering together, and discussing your experiences makes it even more fun. Just remember, it doesn’t have to be demanding. Spreading positivity in the new year can start with small gestures and mindset shifts that over time will transform you to think more positively and spread that light to those around you. 

As you ring in the new year, be kind to yourself and others. Embrace each step, celebrate your progress, and remember to treat yourself to something special from Chummys Bakery.

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