Last Minute Magic: 8 Ideas for Your Summer Bucket List

Woman in white shirt with long hair and tan hat sits in sun filled field with flowers

With the final weeks of summer in sight and school resuming soon, it’s easy to feel like the season is already over. While it’s true that it won’t be long before the leaves begin to change colours, the warm days aren’t going anywhere for a while. A summer bucket list will help you take advantage of the rest of summer and give you a tangible checklist of how you made the most of things before the leaves begin to fall.

Here at Chummys Bakery, we're committed to ensuring your end-of-summer plans turn into unforgettable memories. Our decadent baked goods offer more than just delightful flavours; they’re the ideal companions for your sunny day adventures. Whether you’re embarking on a final lake swim or planning a road trip with friends, our baked goods are designed to add an extra touch of sweetness to your plans. From our soft and chewy triple chocolate cookies to our limited edition summer blondies, let our postal brownies become the highlight of your activities and a delightful way to wrap up your most memorable days.

We’ve compiled eight sensational ways to soak up the sun and enjoy each moment before the cooler days return. 

Host a Sweet Gathering

Throwing an end-of-summer celebration for your friends and family is an excellent way to celebrate the joy of being together. Whether you’re bidding farewell to the season or simply commemorating good times, a well-planned party is the perfect avenue to relish the sun’s warm evening glow before it becomes a rarity. And as you embrace the company of loved ones and indulge in delightful treats, you'll create lasting memories that linger as the days grow shorter.

One of the most time-consuming aspects of hosting a party can be sourcing the food. Even if you’re a self-proclaimed foodie, this task can be quite daunting. Let Chummys Bakery add some sweetness to your gathering and alleviate a bit of stress from your to-do list. While you curate your signature savoury dishes, we’ll diligently bake up delectable treats and conveniently deliver them right to your door so you can focus on enjoying the event with your guests.

Splash into a Lake Retreat 

If you love an active holiday, the lake can offer many exciting activities. But it’s not just for the adventurous. A lake day easily caters to those who prefer a slower pace as well. From swimming to kayaking, the lake offers a variety of things that will keep a group entertained all day long. You can start the day with a scenic picnic next to the water before heading off to your afternoon fun. As the day winds down, light up the barbecue for a filling meal topped off by a decadent rocky road from Chummys bakery that’s available in crowd-pleasing flavours such as biscoff, kinder, M&M, and more.

A canoe moves down a large open lake on a partly cloud days with green trees to the right

Bike for Bronuts 

If you’re looking for a unique way to close out the summer, consider hosting a bike-along. Gather a group of friends or neighbours and invite everyone to a bike along the same route or scenic trail. You’ll share nature, camaraderie, and of course, delicious bronuts as you cross the finish line. This unique gathering is a great way to foster a sense of community and can even be planned around your own residential area as a way to appreciate and take in the sights of the neighbourhood. 

Biking is an excellent way to involve all ages and gather everyone in a simple but meaningful way. Set up your route with specific beginning and end points; if possible, host a street party to conclude the event filled with light refreshments. Let Chummys take care of the refuelling with our six flavours of moist, chocolatey bronuts, that have the texture and decadence of a brownie in an easy-to-serve doughnut shape. This event is a fun way for attendees to get fresh air, move their bodies and indulge in a delicious treat together. 

Highlight your Harvest 

While saying goodbye to summer weather can leave you feeling downhearted, the thrill of harvesting from your garden as the season winds down is undeniably exciting. It’s a satisfying experience to see the results of your care and hard work. This is the perfect moment to experiment with new dishes using your fresh picks. If you have an abundance, hosting a dinner party can be a wonderful way to share the bounty of your garden. Beyond a delicious meal, it’s an opportunity to create memories and show gratitude for your harvest.

To make the most of your yield, consider freezing some produce for the colder months, canning it, or even gifting it to neighbours. Sharing your harvest is a wonderful way to brighten others’ days and extend the joy of summer a little bit further.

Wooden basket filled with fresh vegetables and herbs sits on a white and green tablecloth

Capture Golden Hour 

Sunset hikes can be a way to get active and take in the gorgeous lush views before they begin to change colours for the Fall. Around an hour before the sunset is often referred to as the golden hour. It’s during this time that the sun sits just over the horizon and casts a soft glowing light across the landscape. This is the perfect time for a hike to a scenic area because it’s both tranquil and beautiful.

You can make the most of golden hour by taking a scenic trail and bringing along a camera. You can photograph nature or snap a family photo in the soft golden hour light. Bring a backpack filled with water, snacks and treats to enjoy as you watch the sunset and appreciate the end of the season.

Countryside landscape at golden hour glows yellow and orange overlooking field and trees

Take in a Music Festival

Attending a music festival can be a fun way to relish the changing season. As the weather cools, outdoor festivals come to life and provide a way to appreciate the final days of summer. The lively ambience, amplified music and aroma of local food vendors offer a chance to relax and create memories with family and friends. 

If you haven’t taken the time to do something for yourself this summer, a music festival can be an excellent way to socialize, get a temporary escape from the daily grind and uncover new interests. Whether you’re discovering new genres of music or just taking in all the culture, a music festival can be a great way to bid farewell to summer.

Catch Sunshine in a Bouquet

Exploring a sunflower field as part of your summer bucket list combines scenic beauty and relaxation. Sunflower fields are more than just bright yellow blooms. They offer vibrant backdrops for photo opportunities that capture the spirit of the season and give you a chance to enjoy the countryside. From family outings to solo adventures, a sunflower field visit suits everyone. It gives the chance for quality family time and to foster a connection with nature.

Visiting a sunflower field is also a great way to support local farms. Some farms may provide shears and buckets so that you can cut your own flowers and wrap them into a custom bouquet that serves as a vibrant souvenir of your outing to appreciate for days to come. Just be sure to pack a variety treat box so that the drive back is just as joy-filled as the experience itself.

Sunflower field filled with large blooms

Plan a Spontaneous Getaway

It’s common to plan for your summer holiday to take place right at the beginning of the season. While the first getaway of the year may be meticulously planned and more extensive, don’t overlook the magic in adding a short last-minute trip to your summer bucket list.

You don’t have to travel far for a memorable experience. Renting a cabin in the countryside or taking a short drive to a new city can be a great way to destress and appreciate the season winding down. You may even find that attractions are less busy because it’s nearing the end of peak tourism season. These trips can be outdoor-focused and relaxed or filled with museums and bustling city sights. These impromptu journeys can have something for everyone and be just what you need to feel renewed and jump into the next chapter.

Creating a summer bucket list can give you the opportunity to make the most out of the final weeks and truly appreciate the beauty in the transition. From savouring the bounty of a garden harvest to relishing the tranquillity of sunset hikes, each activity offers a unique connection to the season. Choose activities that you personally feel connected to, and remember that although the season is fleeting, it will always return. 

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