8 Fun Ways to Enjoy Autumn In the UK

Orange and red colored leaves on trees and covering the ground along a path

The first weeks of autumn offer the perfect blend of lingering greenery from summer and the gentle onset of cooler days. It’s a season that presents many beautiful landscapes, crisp, chilly air and a host of cosy activities. With so many enjoyable options, it’s essential to plan ahead to ensure you make the most of this transitional period. 

Just because the summer is over it doesn't mean your fun and relaxing activities have to come to an end. You might even discover more opportunities to break out of your routine as school events resume and sports seasons begin. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the season, don't forget the importance of self-care, and its positive impact on your mental health. Take the time this autumn to indulge all of your senses, whether that means treating your eyes to the beautiful scenery or delighting your taste buds with a delicious chocolate trifle.

Let Chummys Bakery help sweeten your perfect autumn day with our soft and irresistible baked goods. Delivered right to your door, they're absolutely ideal for enjoying while snuggled under a cosy blanket. And to add some inspiration to your autumn plans, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite ways to usher in the upcoming season.

Apple Picking

Apple picking is a classic autumn pastime, perfect for solo adventurers and groups alike. It offers the chance to enjoy the refreshing air while picking a juicy and delicious harvest. It also gives you a wonderful photo opportunity with the perfect seasonal backdrop.

Apples are an essential autumn ingredient, and from their flavour to their aroma, they fit beautifully in an array of treats. From pies to cookies and even savoury dishes, when you bake with your freshly picked apples, your memories of time spent at the orchard will make your recipes feel extra special.

Visiting an orchard is an excellent way to support local farms, which in turn helps strengthen local communities. For those in search of an educational experience for their little ones, apple picking is also a great opportunity for kids to learn about the fruit, the different varieties, and how they grow.

Whether you’re a seasonal picker or have never had the pleasure of plucking an apple straight from the tree, this traditional autumn activity is sure to be a memorable addition to your to-do list.

Person in white hat and checkered shirt picks red apple from tree

Host a Dinner Party

Hosting a dinner party is a fantastic way to embrace the season’s charm and create lasting memories with your loved ones. Turning your home into a cosy space, with candles, pumpkins and autumn colours sets the perfect stage for an enjoyable evening filled with delicious food.

Serve dishes featuring seasonal ingredients that will make your guests feel right at home. From hearty stews to savoury roasted vegetables, there are countless recipes to choose from. And don’t forget the classics like apple pie and pumpkin spice treats!

While organising a dinner party may seem like a daunting task, don’t let the to-do list deter you. As you whip up your star dinner dish, let Chummys take care of the dessert table with a delightful selection of postal brownies. This way you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time connecting with good company and making your autumn dinner party a truly special event. 

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin patch visits are a timeless autumn tradition for all ages. They offer a unique opportunity for you to get away from the city and embrace a quiet and relaxed pace of life. Many pumpkin patches even allow you to hand-pick your own pumpkin, cutting it straight from the vine for an authentic experience. Additionally, there are several patches that go the extra mile, offering a variety of autumn activities such as corn mazes, apple picking and even petting zoos.

After you visit the pumpkin patch, consider rounding up a group for a special evening of pumpkin carving. Carving Jack-O-Lanterns is an activity best spent with friends and family, and it lets you get creative with your freshly picked pumpkins.

Outdoor at a pumpkin patch a chalkboard sign reads "happy pumpkin season" piles of pumpkins fill the background.

Cosy up in front of the fire

Grab a box of indulgent treats and a steaming mug of hot chocolate, and snuggle up by the crackling fire. While the idea of an outdoor bonfire with friends is undeniably appealing, there’s also something equally enchanting about staying inside next to the fireplace on brisk evenings. Whether you’re watching a classic movie or knitting up a toasty hat to keep you warm in the crisp air, sitting by the fire adds a magical touch to your night. 

Additionally, you can make these evenings even more indulgent with a custom dessert box from Chummys. Sink your teeth into a gooey and delicious Nutella bronut to maximise the cosiness in the heart of your own home.

Bake up something seasonal

While the winter and holiday seasons often steal the spotlight for baking, autumn is the perfect time to dust off your mixer and get creative in the kitchen. Without the hectic holiday pressures, you have the freedom to experiment with flavours that capture the essence of the season. Of course, pumpkin takes centre stage as a classic flavour but don’t overlook apples, cinnamon, maple, and spiced chai. These ingredients can create an endless amount of delicious flavour combinations.

The spices associated with autumn such as cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves will fill your kitchen with amazing scents and keep you in a cosy state of mind with their comforting warmth. 

Fall leaf decor covers a small table. On top of the table is a small yellow dessert plate with three cupcakes with a big swirl of frosting. Two are vanilla and one is chocolate. Small fall decor decorates the distant background 

Donate to A Local Food Bank

Embrace the spirit of giving by making a meaningful contribution to benefit your community. Donating to a local food bank is a wonderful display of compassion that also shows gratitude. Always check the website of your local food bank for ideas on the accepted types of donations and their current specific needs.

If you find seasonal ingredients that fit within their recommendations, such as pumpkin puree, spices, and pie fillings, those contributions can be a great way to provide recipients with a touch of warmth and the ability to create something special during the upcoming season.

Take a Nature Walk

Sometimes, simplicity offers the most rewarding experiences and that’s certainly the case when it comes to a brisk autumn walk. Strolling through picturesque landscapes provides an excellent opportunity to soak in the vibrant foliage and fully embrace the changing season. While wandering around parks and trails is always a lovely choice, consider taking a short day trip to relish the countryside or a charming historic area.

As you explore, keep in mind that there’s more to a beautiful walk than meets the eye. Walks can contribute to your overall well-being by reducing stress and clearing your mind. Plus, the cooler air and invigorating scenery can make even the most familiar walking paths feel brand new. 

An outdoor trail path lined with trees is covered in orange and red leaves

Attend a Festive Event

Autumn in the UK is filled with opportunities to take part in festivals both big and small. Traditional harvest festivals bring communities together to express gratitude and share the year’s bountiful harvest, while lively Apple Day celebrations and whimsical scarecrow festivals add vibrancy to the season. Additionally, literary enthusiasts can unveil new books to enrich their reading lists at the prestigious Cheltenham Literature Festival, the London Literary Festival, and more.

Autumn is a season full of cultural and community events that can provide many rich and entertaining experiences to enjoy by yourself or with your friends and family. 

From cosy moments by the fire to picking apples in the countryside, this season offers many ways to appreciate its unique charm. Whether you’re savouring autumn flavours or taking peaceful walks, autumn encourages you to slow down, connect with nature and appreciate the beauty of change. So, embrace the magic of the season and get started making wonderful memories that will last long after the leaves have fallen.

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