10 Ways to Celebrate Your Small Wins

In the whirlwind of approaching holiday preparations, where to-do lists seem endless and festive cheer mingles with a mountain of responsibility, the practice of celebrating small wins is more important than ever. As we navigate gatherings, decorating, and party-planning alongside regular tasks, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Finding warmth in acknowledging our small victories, and checking the small tasks off our list, gives us the boost we need to power through the chill of the season and finish strong. 

Here at Chummys, we believe in celebrating all your wins. Whether it’s the moment you finally organised the pantry, hung up all the laundry, or completed that lingering outdoor project. No matter how big or small, celebrating each little thing makes you feel good and helps you move on to the next. You can add a touch of sweetness to these happy moments with our delightful Brownie and Cookie Selection box and make each accomplishment even more special.

In the spirit of embracing the small victories, we’ve compiled 10 ways that you can keep the good vibes going and truly appreciate yourself for all the great things you do.Women twirling in a field of tall grass at sunset

What are small wins?

We’re used to celebrating the big things- promotions, reaching long-term goals, and completing particularly challenging projects. While it's natural to recognize these accomplishments, the daily grind that goes into them can easily be overlooked. Celebrating small wins is about appreciating the stepping stones that it takes on the journey. Whether it’s a professional goal or a personal one, a lot of time often goes into those successes. Acknowledging and rewarding yourself for the effort you’ve put in can give a boost in motivation to reach new heights. 

Aside from honouring accomplishments of all sizes, celebrating small wins can help you create good habits. If you’re someone who works tirelessly each day, it’s important to pause in order to meet your own needs and look back at all the work you’ve done. Finding sustainable ways to cheer yourself on can help in both the good times and the more challenging ones. 

1. Take a self-care day

It’s tempting to use the weekend for all of your personal chores, but free time is essential. Give yourself time each week to explore hobbies and enjoy things that you love to help avoid burnout. Moving things around to ensure you can take a self-care Sunday allows you time to connect with loved ones and refresh yourself for a better work week. 

2. Order dessert to your door

Our delectable baked goods make the perfect dessert or any-time treat. Not only do they taste incredible, but they also are delivered right to your door.  What better way to treat yourself than a gooey chocolate postal brownie or a sweet Oreo Bronut. Enjoying a special dessert is a simple way to celebrate your win and even share it with those around you. 

box of baked goods next to a cup of coffee and plates

3. Upgrade your workspace

Another simple way to celebrate is to add something to your workspace. A new picture frame filled with a warm memory or a pop of colour from a plant can be a vibrant visual reminder of your accomplishments and freshen up your space. Adding a vision board or quotes that inspire you can nurture an ongoing sense of accomplishment. 

4. Express appreciation

Expressing appreciation is a fulfilling way to strengthen relationships. Taking the time to thank someone who impacted your week positively can be a great way to celebrate a small win. Oftentimes, others don’t realise the impact they’ve made. It can make them feel good to know they made a difference and in return, you feel good knowing you have acknowledged those who contributed positive things on your journey. Talking about your wins with others can also help you feel more confident and accomplished.

5. Have a treat outside 

Eating outdoors isn’t just for the summer. Breathing in the cool air while having a delicious treat can be an excellent mood-boosting experience. It’s a wonderful way to get some extra sunshine and a break from your traditional routine. This can mean taking your food to a scenic park or simply stepping out onto your patio for a change of scenery while you bite into a gooey cookie and sip a hot cup of tea. 

patrons dine outside of restaurant

6. Create a piece of artwork

A fun and creative way to reward yourself is to create a piece of artwork that you can add an element to each time you have a win. For those who enjoy the visual representation of their work, a jar filled with slips of paper noting your wins is a quick and easy way to see your collection grow. For something more involved, sand art, where a new layer is added each time, quilting or needlework can be creative ways to showcase your talent. Once completed, you'll have a stunning piece of artwork to display that reminds you of all the small pieces that contributed to the bigger picture. 

7. Start a gratitude journal

Regularly writing in a gratitude journal is an excellent practice that can help keep things in perspective. It can provide a look back at the bright spots on difficult days and give you something tangible to remember each step along the way. Journaling is a constructive habit that’s easy to do and doesn’t require a lot of extra time but can foster a positive and grateful attitude.

Adult in yellow jacket holds a small notebook and pen

8. Learn something new

Let the thrill of accomplishment inspire you to expand your knowledge. While momentum is high, go out and get yourself the supplies you need for a hobby you’ve been wanting to try or sign up to take a local course. Learning something new diversifies your interests and skills, and can provide an even deeper sense of accomplishment to complement your recent wins.   

9. Whip up a quick treat 

Time spent in the kitchen is never wasted. It can help you relax and flex your creativity, all while treating yourself to something delicious. Don’t worry if you don’t want to deal with all the dishes, you can use our brownies to make this quick and easy chocolate trifle or create a one-pan strawberry compote to drizzle over your brookies. And for a warm treat during the colder months, a cup of hot chocolate piled high with whipped cream alongside a Chummys Lotus Biscuit cookie is always a winning combination. 

a bronze with white frosting is topped with strawberries

10. Reflect and plan

Consider breaking your goals into smaller pieces that feel more manageable. No win is too small to celebrate, and recognizing even the smallest achievements can inspire a snowball effect of accomplishments and more mini-celebrations. Doing so can help you recognize when you’ve made progress and identify those small wins for what they are. Remember, it’s not just about the accomplishment itself by the effort and progress you’ve made. 

Embracing the small wins not only adds joy to our daily lives but cultivates a positive mindset that moves us towards our goals. By incorporating these simple yet meaningful strategies into our routine, we can create a cycle of motivation, self-appreciation and continuous growth. 

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